Witness Mdaka is known for his ability to drive and sustain interesting conversations online and in person. He prepares and presents custom talks for schools, conferences and businesses. Here are some of his features:

Private Property | Interview

Thriving Property Investor and Author reflects on childhood lessons. | Watch HERE

Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (#JoinUsForTEA) | Speaker

Witness Mdaka speaks at the Township Entrepreneurs Alliance event in Tembisa on 9 December 2020.  | Watch HERE

Property Magicians Podcast | Interview

Witness Mdaka shares how to build up to 70 units with a minimum rent of R2500 per month. | Listen HERE

M5 Successful Friends | Interview

The power of Investing – the importance of lifestyle, investing when you are young and why it is important to invest for cash flow and also appreciation. | Listen HERE

Kempton Express News | Feature

Witness Mdaka of Quality Growth International shares his pearls of wisdom at the annual Youth Conference hosted in Phomolong. | Read HERE