It’s More Than Just Money by Witness Mdaka

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It’s More Than Just Money by Witness Mdaka

11 reviews for It's More Than Just Money by Witness Mdaka

  1. Sane

    A perfect financial bible for young and people new to property

  2. Rethabile Thulare

    I have to get myself one

  3. Benhard Namupala

    I wish it’s a newly good book since everyone is highly recommending it, I’m here waiting to read and guidance from it.

  4. Ndeufapaua Phillipus

    I have listened to most of your TikTok videos and it perfect

  5. Lebohang

    It teaches people on how to handle big amounts of money

  6. Thapelo Nthotso

    This is what I call a Bible of financial knowledge for young upcoming people. To me it was about the strategies as they are doable. I have read it like 4 times and keep visiting it regularly when I’m working on me. It is helping me a lot about business setup, marriage contract, raising kids, mindset. This is a great tool. “It’s either you are running away from something or towards something. What is it?”

  7. Manna Lobi

    As I’ve said in the private mesage I’ve sent you, i literally had goosebumps throughout this book. I couldn’t stop crying as it came at the right time, my partner and i are getting married and are both government employees with degrees in the health sector, that just don’t give us any financial freedom. She bought your book but i took it from her and finished it in 3 days. You not only gave us advice on financial freedom, but you mentored our marriage journey,what to do for our kids and the advise that we’ll keep for them when they are old. We never sure the way out of the rat race until you came into our lives,your thoughts, your reasoning, are now our reasoning,you managed to give our family as a young couple with kids a life that we thought we would never find, it’s gonna be easy but the suffering will be worth it.Luckily we haven’t bought a car or a house yet, hence i say you were a Godsent to our lives, this is why we shall put our whole energy and focus to ur best explained plans.. Im still overwhelmed and looking forward to reading every book you recommend..

  8. Lungelo

    This book is just the material that you need to start working on whatever you need to work on!

    You have to get yourself a copy of this book, TODAY!!!

  9. Inga kamzembe

    Can’t wait to read the book

  10. Lesetja Toona

    Witness’s forthrightness and his shooting-from-the hip approach is both admirable and loathed in equal measure. You cannot be in-between. You either love him, because he tells it as it is and makes you question a lot of things around wealth and money as we were told; or you hate him because he makes you uncomfortable and challenges you on some of the topics we have deemed taboo to discuss for a long time. If you are serious about changing your life – and stop looking rich while you are not – and adopt a pragmatic guide that comes with easy-to-understand steps on how to get of out the rat race and build wealth for your family, then ‘It’s More Than Just Money by Witness Mdaka’ is the go-to guide for you. I highly recommend it to both astute investors and beginners. People pay thousands of Rands to listen to the advises and lessons that Witness Mdaka has shared on his Facebook page and in his book at a fraction of a cost. You have no reason not to buy this book and build wealth for your family. So many myths are busted. The fact that you earn R3501 is not an excuse for you not to embark on a path to property ownership and build wealth for your family. He dismisses the notion that you cannot buy a property when you are poor. There are ‘advantages’ in being poor if you were to look at it differently. Knowledge is power and let’s empower ourselves for a brighter tomorrow for our kids and their kids.

  11. DR S P Mdaka

    what an amazing lifechanging, mindset transforming book. I wish the government can authorize it to be mandatory at schools so that the minds of our children can be shaped the correct way ,so that they know within themselves that they are well capable and able to change any situation they face. This book has opened my eyes and I know has changed milliones of others too. Thank you Mr Mdaka for allowing what God has placed in you to illuminate.

    Dr SP Mdaka

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